Careless Feelings

In this life we meet people for a reason.
Some we love immediately. Some have no room in our lives. Is their response to me something I need to really worry about? Those who hurt us because we care. Do I need to justify my reactions? Just being myself only hurts me. So why is everyone always saying be yourself? You truly can not be who you really are. If you do act like you want or talk like you want you are labeled. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be true to just me. Being true and being who you really are is painful.



The traitor

You said you were a friend.
You’re not.
You are a bully.
You are a boss.
Not a very good one.
You play a cruel game.
You have favorites.
I am not one.
That is O.K.
You are not my favorite either.
I wish you luck.

Searching for myself

I’m always looking for something or someone. 
But I never find what I’m looking for.
The longing for a love that will make me happy will never be found.
I must love me.
I must love me.
I must love me.
Happiness is loving self first.
This is very hard to do.